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6 thoughts on “ Amigo

  1. Amigos/Kings Classic is a Nebraska-based fast food restaurant for Mexican and American foods. Check out our menu for more information!
  2. a·mi·go (ə-mē′gō) n. pl. a·mi·gos A friend. [Spanish, from Latin amīcus.] amigo (æˈmiːɡəʊ; ə-) n, pl -gos a friend; comrade [Spanish, from Latin amicus] a•mi•go (əˈmi goʊ, ɑˈmi-) n., pl. -gos. a male friend. [–40, Amer.;.
  3. son muy amigos they are good o close friends; Gonzalo es muy amigo de Pepe Gonzalo is a good o close friend of Pepe's o of Pepe; hacerse amigos to become friends; al final me hice muy amigo de Antonio in the end Antonio and I became good friends; se perdonaron y quedaron tan amigos they made it up and everything was fine; lo pagamos a medias y todos tan amigos we'll go halves on it and that'll.
  4. Amigo is right down the street, and yes it owned by Walmart which is further down and 24hrs but Amigo was fine. Produce was a bit pricy but the met and chicken prices were very good. It had everything we wanted to stock the house for the 8 days and they had reasonable hours. Clean and friendly staff. Useful /5(10).

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